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Rivertree Academy is a private, PreKindergarten through 5th grade school in Como. We admit children without regard to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin. Children must be four years old by September 1st to enter the PreKindergarten class and 5 years old to enter Kindergarten. All other children must have successfully graduated from the prior grade to enter Rivertree on grade-level.

Rivertree Academy’s mission is to educate children from Como to live life well. Therefore, Rivertree seeks to admit only children currently residing in the Lake Como Community. 100% of new students must live in the Lake Como neighborhood.

Additionally, Rivertree seeks to provide children with an education that fosters academic excellence. Therefore, Rivertree admits children with consideration of their academic abilities. For children entering PreKindergarten and Kindergarten, Rivertree administers a developmental assessment that seeks to identify any developmental delays. Rivertree may deny a child admissions to the school if the child scores in a potentially delayed category. For children entering first through fifth grade, Rivertree administers a standardized, norm-referenced test to identify a child’s grade-level equivalent and academic abilities as compared with other children of the same age. Rivertree may deny a child admissions to the school if the child is significantly behind in reading, math, or language.

Furthermore, Rivertree educates children in an under-resourced neighborhood. Some children come to school having experienced significant trauma or Adverse Childhood Experiences. Therefore, Rivertree Academy requires all entering Kindergarten through 5th grade students to visit during a typical school day. This allows teachers and staff to assess the child’s behavior strengths and areas for growth. Rivertree Academy may deny a child based if the child needs substantial behavior support.

     Lastly, Rivertree Academy highly values the partnership that exists between the home and the school. Rivertree requires that parents commit to, among other things, paying a monthly academic fee, attending all parent-teacher conferences, reading with their child each night, bringing their child to school each day on time, and engaging in positive communication between the school and the home. Rivertree Academy meets with each parent to ensure that the parent understands this commitment and is willing to partner with the school in their child’s education.

Rivertree Academy is a private, Christian school serving students in PreK three-years-old through 5th grade. If you are interested in enrolling a new student, please fill out all fields in the form below and someone will be in touch with you.



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Wellness Policy

The mission of Rivertree Academy is to promote a healthy lifestyle for students, parents, and staff which will lead to lifelong maintenance of healthy habits. This mission will be accomplished by the development and implementation of our district wellness policy which will incorporate nutrition education and standards, physical activity.